The University embraces parents and families as essential and important components of the UT community. Founded in 1948 as the Dads’ Association, the mission of Texas Parents, the Parents’ Association of The University of Texas at Austin, has been to support the needs of students and their parents. Our goals are to keep parents informed, create positive ways for parents to be involved with the University and to act as a liaison between parents/families and the UT administration, offices and departments.

We serve the parents and families of all UT students. By sponsoring such activities as Family Weekend and Family Orientation, Texas Parents provides opportunities for parents and family members to meet UT administrators and faculty, socialize with other parents and actively participate in their Longhorns’ lives on campus.

Texas Parents provides student scholarships, gives awards for outstanding teaching and research, recognizes UT staff members who significantly enhance the experience of the student body and offers financial support to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and student programs, events and initiatives.


YOUR VOICE to the UT administration.
We listen to you.

YOUR GUIDE as you navigate UT and all it has to offer.
We work for you.

We keep you informed.

YOUR LINK to campus.
We keep you in touch.

YOUR OFFICE on campus.
A place you can call for help and advice.


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