Each BFSA committee is chaired by a member of the officer team. We invite all BFSA members to share their talents and resources by participating in one of the following committees:

Events Committee: The committee will be responsible for coordinating any special events for the organization.  This may include annual holiday party, annual Martin Luther King, Jr. luncheon, Black History Program, end-of-the-year event, as well as quest speakers and additional social occasions.  Any member of the organization can chair the various events. Contact Mary Whitehead for more information.

Dr. James L. Hill Education Scholarship Committee:  The Scholarship Committee will coordinate or solicit funds for the annual scholarship awards.  The Committee will be responsible for distributing scholarship applications, rating essays, and selection of winners of the awards. Contact Tiffany Dockery-Mays for more information.

Personal & Professional Wellness Committee: This committee is charged with creating, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive, participatory wellness plan for staff and faculty to engage in. Contact Dallawrence Dean and Erin Thomas for more information.

Social Action Committee:  This committee is charged with identifying and advocating on issues that affect faculty, staff, and students on campus. Contact Philemon Brown for more information.