We Need To Talk: May 5, 2010

A call to students, staff, and faculty of the Black community here at the University of Texas at Austin!

There have been many individual and small group conversations about the state of our community here at UT.  Even though we are at the end of the semester and school year, we thought it was actually a really good time for us to sit down and move from talk to action.  This community wide discussion will allow people of African descent to take a serious look at what we need to do to move the community forward.  We have to own our place in perpetuating the problems as well as “show up” in the fight to create a better space while we are here at UT.

We fully understand that to many, this is an “old conversation” or something that “we’ve done before.”  Well it should also be clear that we have not seen the progress that we desire, complain about, crave, etc.

Join us.  We need you there.  Spread the word to everyone you know… we need your help in getting the students who don’t/won’t come out to something like this, to be there.  If you care at all… even if, at this point, you don’t care much about the community, I challenge/encourage you to be in the room.  We have to look beyond our individual and sometimes divisive attitudes and look to see where we contribute to our issues and where we can make progress away from those issues.

Please, come out for this solution-focused, sobering discussion!


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