Seeking Volunteers for BAM (Black Arts Movement): June 4-19, 2010

BAM Festival

June 4-19, 2010
Confirmed such acts include: Dallas Black Dance Theater, Leela James, The Black Prince of Comedy, Tje Austin, The Wood and Strings Puppet Theater and much, MUCH more!

Volunteer positions in every area of the festival- from box office to technical positions.  You don’t need any experience to volunteer, just the desire to have fun. Volunteers will receive a t-shirt for their time commitment and anyone who works more than 2 separate events will receive an All Access BAM pass which will get you into each and every show!

There is a link to the application below or it can be completed on directly on the BAM website.  Questions?  Please contact:


Seeking Members for Poker Walk TEAM BFSA: May 12th

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11:30am – 12:15pm:  Check- In (under the white tent on the Gregory Plaza).

12:15pm:   The “Let’s Make a Deal” prize program begins

12:30:  Walk begins

Poker Walk is a FREE EVENT put on by the Division of Recreational Sports to celebrate National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Join the crowd, walk for fun, and enjoy the entertaining Poker Walk Program afterwards! Lunch is $6 (cash only) if you choose to purchase it there. Otherwise, bring your own and enjoy the program!

Team Information
Teams can qualify for prizes…”Best Team Name,” “Best Team Costume,” and more! Also, we have “Team Photos” at the event so you can cherish your Poker Walk experience for years to come! Feel free to get creative with your costumes…we are amazed every year by what people come up with!


Brenda Burt

Kyle Clark

Derrick Davis

Lisa Gentry

Danielle Martin

Jennifer Martinson

Emma Middleton

LT Robinson

Tiesha Street

Phaedra White

…and YOU!

How to register:
Registration is required on or by the Monday. May 10th.  Please RSVP to with your t-shirt size and whether you plan to purchase lunch(Please note: t-shirt sizes and lunches are distributed on a first come-first served basis.)

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Kevin (KP) Prince


Dr. Kevin “KP” J. Prince


Coordinator, Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program


Houston, Texas


BS in Psychology, Prairie View A&M University;

Ed.M., Counseling Psychology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey;

Ed.S., Counseling Psychology, Georgia State University;

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, The University of Georgia at Athens


Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention, Chemical Dependency, Relapse Prevention; Board Certified African Centered/Black Psychology Diplomate; Multiculturalism Competency, Equity & Inclusion


Nearly 2 years


After moving from Atlanta, GA, it was a transition to Austin and the community here.  I came to Austin initially to share in the culture and community that makes Austin unique.  Although Austin is very different from Atlanta, I have learned to appreciate all that it has to offer.  One of the key aspects of the city includes the Longhorn community.  It is an opportunity to connect across to several aspects of the community in the city and on campus.  Access is a very important issue for our community.  I hope the access that I have will allow more opportunities to grow professionally and personally. It was also an opportunity to develop a comprehensive drug and alcohol program at a major university to save lives and support students abusing and dependent on alcohol and other drugs.  I wanted to make the greatest impact possible on a university community in Austin.


Implementing new programs and reaching out to various communities within the Longhorn community


My mother, my kids, Karimah and Esteban


I wonder if marketing, sports psychology, or entertainment would be interesting areas of work for me.


Casa Columbia’s on E. 7th Street is a wonderful restaurant.  Check it out if you have time to relax, enjoy good food, and share with others the East Side feeling.  Also, if you are looking for a culturally enriching, multicultural experience with a great atmosphere while working out and making friends, join a Capoeira group in Austin.  The following is a group I’ve work with in the past:


Some may be surprised to learn that I am an avid and dedicated Prince connoisseur. Since about 1983 before the Purple Rain revolution, I became a big fan.  Never started or joined a Purple Rain, Love4OneAnother, or fan club.  However, I did purchase music at 1-800-NEW-FUNK and own at least all of the legally released Prince albums along with a few bootlegs from back in the day.  I have vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs of music, movies, and concerts along with a download list of most songs on my IPod.  My favorite playlist is the best Prince slow jams from 1979 through today.  I can sing in not-so-quite perfect falsetto most of the music from the first 15 albums, but not so much the last five albums.  I’m a work in progress. There were some blue months as a Prince fan when my mother confiscated all of my Prince music after the nude cover of LoveSexy came out and she immaculately recalled the words to Darling Nikki on the same day.  There were three months where I did not hear any Prince music except on the radio.  It did not last long, but for a teenager at the time, it lasted long enough.  Why Prince?  Better alternative to Michael Jackson who I enjoyed but did not like as much after the Off the Wall album.  Hip Hop is beautiful and will always love, but the Minneapolis sound was my first love.  Plus, the girls at the time thought it was cute.  Can’t beat a pair of tight parachute pants, a few break dancing moves, and a Jheri curl in the mid to late 1980s. Yeah, it’s the Hot Tub Time Machine!

We Need To Talk: May 5, 2010

A call to students, staff, and faculty of the Black community here at the University of Texas at Austin!

There have been many individual and small group conversations about the state of our community here at UT.  Even though we are at the end of the semester and school year, we thought it was actually a really good time for us to sit down and move from talk to action.  This community wide discussion will allow people of African descent to take a serious look at what we need to do to move the community forward.  We have to own our place in perpetuating the problems as well as “show up” in the fight to create a better space while we are here at UT.

We fully understand that to many, this is an “old conversation” or something that “we’ve done before.”  Well it should also be clear that we have not seen the progress that we desire, complain about, crave, etc.

Join us.  We need you there.  Spread the word to everyone you know… we need your help in getting the students who don’t/won’t come out to something like this, to be there.  If you care at all… even if, at this point, you don’t care much about the community, I challenge/encourage you to be in the room.  We have to look beyond our individual and sometimes divisive attitudes and look to see where we contribute to our issues and where we can make progress away from those issues.

Please, come out for this solution-focused, sobering discussion!

Non-Profit Seeking Student Interns

Eastside Community Connection is a nonprofit organization in East Austin designed to engage student from UT to help alleviate poverty in East Austin through various program including a food pantry and adulteducations courses. One of the core components of our operations is to engage students in intensive internship opportunities. The organization has one full time employee who manages and supervises a team of student interns who manage the day to day operations of the organization. Over the past 3 years, we have worked with over 100 UT students in various positions within the organization.

Our interns have significant responsibilities, including designing our programs, maintaining our budget, and supervising other volunteers. This is not an administrative internship but rather a challenging leadership experience. With those challenges comes the reward of doing meaningful work and gaining understanding of complex societal problems in our community.

I’m contacting you today because we have a few positions available for our Summer 2010 and Fall 2010 term. The summer positions will go from May 22nd thru August 20th. The fall positions will go from August 23rd through December 3rd. Any student who is interested should send me a cover letter, copy of resume, and three references to my email address – – by Friday, May 7th.

Students have made a tremendous impact in the community through our organization and it is my hope we can continue to give students an opportunity to make a difference.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

All the best.

Sly Majid
Executive Director
Eastside Community Connection
p. 512-220-7312
f. 512-532-0707