BFSA Spring Wellness Series: Outdoor Group Fitness, April 1

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Butler Park at Town Lake
Time: 5:30-6:30pm

FEE:  Free!  Website has complimentary session coupon. Print and bring with you to class:

RSVP here and indicate that you are with BFSA in the “message” section:

Everyone claims to be a “boot camp” or to be the “original”!  Truth is boot camps originated from the toughest branch of the arm forces, the US Marine Corps, Semper Fi!

Out Right Fitness started out providing personal training to elite athletes only.  Then  in 2008 we started boot camps and never looked back!  We decided to offer boot  camps to the public in addition to personal training because we realized with the  economic state of the community and many can’t afford the costs associated with  exclusive one-on-one personal training.

We have a non-militant training style and promote a fun and fitness effective  environment!!!!  We get results, but you have to meet us halfway by making a  commitment in your heart!  We’ll meet you half way and even go the extra step to  ensure you have the proper tools and resources necessary to reach and maintain  your fitness goals.


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