BFSA Spring Wellness Series: Austin Boxing Babes, March 31

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
3401-A South Lamar Blvd
7:00- 8:00pm

FEE:   $15.00.  If 10 people sign up, price drops to $10!!

Austin Boxing Babes offers a fun and effective workout in a safe, all-women environment. The training will help you to:

  • Build stamina, develop balance, hand/eye coordination and confidence.
  • “Let off steam”, work out aggressions, release stress and feel relaxed afterwards.
  • Lose weight and tone your body from head to toe.

Because we focus on proper technique and use similar drills used by competitive boxers, you’ll not only strengthen and tone your body, but you’ll also learn basic fighting skills. The training includes jumping rope, shadow boxing, punching the heavy bag, speed bag, non-contact partner drills, calisthenics, light weights and stretching.

Frequently asked questions:


1.  Registration Fee will be waived for anyone who signs up for regular classes that evening. The school also offers training for adults, teenagers and children in martial arts, jiu-jitsu and kickboxing.

2.  Parking:  Students can park in front of the building and in the back (to get to the back, take the narrow drive way to the left of the building. Should those two parking areas be full, students can also park in the parking lot of the Insurance company next door (just North) and at the Brake Shop across the street.

3.  Arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts to give you time to complete the liability waiver and get your hands wrapped. If you have boxing gloves or hand wraps, bring them with you.

4.  Wear workout pants that go over the knee (no shorts), bring water and wear tennis / running shoes.

5.  Any questions about the class should be directed to Julia at:


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