Sanya Richards Named Outstanding Texas Ex

2010 Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award Recipients Announced
Four University of Texas alumni have been chosen by the Texas Exes to receive the 2010 Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award. The Texas Exes inaugurated the award in 1980 to recognize young alumni who are distinguished in their fields and have demonstrated a continuing interest in The University of Texas and the Texas Exes. A recipient must be younger than 40 on January 1 of the year in which the award is presented.

  • Sarah Aubrey, JD ’98, is a television and film producer who lives in Santa Monica, CA
  • Robert Hamilton, MPA ’02, JD ’02, is a former attorney and public affairs officer for the U.S. Army in Iraq who currently lives in Austin, TX.
  • Jake Margo, BA ’97, is a family medicine physician in Rio Grande City, TX.
  • Sanya Richards, who attended UT from 2002-2005, is a World Champion 400-meter track and field runner. She currently lives in Round Rock, TX

All four alumni will be honored at a ceremony to be held at the Alumni Center during the May commencement.

For more information about Ms. Richards, visit her website:


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